Resources are defined by the following decrees:
  • Resources are under a player’s control.
  • Players always have some agency in spending the resource. (purpose or timing).
  • Resources are scarce. (through either a limited number or time constraints etc.)
  • Resources are spendable. (spent on something, and is then consumed).
  • Resources are quantifiable.
  • Resources must have a clear purpose. (player knows how to gain them and what to spend them on).
  • Resources are used to fund actions, or create objects.
  • Resources are valuable because of both scarcity and utility.
  • Resources are always useful to the player, and helps the player’s achieve goals.

Or, in more descriptive terms:"Resources are quantifiable game elements controlled by a player.That player decides how or when to use them.Resources are valuable because of their scarcity and can be consumed to fund actions in order to achieve a goal"