Vital is a Specification of the Consequence Property

When a resource is consumed, the consequence can be Diminish, Invest or Constant or Vital.

When a consequence of a resource is Vital, draining the resource will have a fatal consequence. In cases where the player's focus loci is Avatar, and Vital is the players Health, the player looses the game. If Focus Loci are units, they are killed once their health is spent. The same goes for weapons in Diablo 2, as they have a durability. If the durability is spent, the weapon is useless until its been repaired.

Vital only have an effect once the resource is depleted. Resources can have constant, diminish and invest effects as well. In these cases, the resources can be used to fuel actions, but if the player manage to deplete the resource, the player is killed, such as Vladimirs Health and Dr. Mundo's Health in League of Legends.

Always found in Archetypes:

Occasionally found in Archetypes:

Found in games:
Bioshock 2 (Health)
Crysis 2 (Health)
Diablo 2 (Health, Durability)
League of Legends (Vladimirs health, health, dr. mundos health)
Majesty (health)
Osmos (Matter)
Plants vs. Zombies (Health)
Puzzle Quest 2 (Health)
Revenge of the Titans (Health)
Rock of Ages (Health)
Starcraft 2 (Health)
Team Fortress (Health)
Terraria (Health)