Limited is a specification of the Storage Cap property.

When a resource have unlimited storage cap, The player can posses an unlimited amount of resources at any given time, and the resource can be hoarded.

Note that resources can in fact be limited, but the limit is set so high that the player would never actually earn that many resources playing through a normal play session.

Always found in Archetypes:
Currency, Skill Point

Occasionally found in Archetypes:
Physical, Material

Found in Games:
Game - Bioshock 2 (adam)
Game - Crysis 2 (Nano-collection)
Game - Deus Ex; Human Revolution (Credits, Praxis Points)
Game - Diablo 2 (Gikdm Stat Points, Skill Points,)
Game - Farmville (farmcoins, farmcash)
Game - King's Bounty; Armored Princess (Gold, Runes, Magic Crystals)
Game - Kingdoms of Amalur; Reckoning (skill points, ability points, gold, materials, reagents)
Game - League of Legends (runes, mastery points, hero skill points, riot points, influence points, gold)
Game - Majesty (gold)
Game - Plants vs. Zombies (sun, coins)
Game - Puzzle Quest 2 (gold, materials)
Game - Revenge of the Titans (dollars)
Game - StarCraft II (minerals, vespene gas, research points, credits)
Terraria (coins)
World of Goo (time bugs, Goo)