Single is a Specification of the Options Properties.

Single Option resources are dedicated to a specific purpose, and can therefore only be spent on a single action, or create a single type of object.

Note that Single spending options differ from conversion. These are seperated into another property, as this action does not produce any effect or (non-resource) object other than gaining resources. Some resources, such as many Potions, have no spending options, as they are only spend in order to gain Mana or health resources for instance.

Always found in Archetypes:
Rune, Physical, Action

Occasionally found in Archetypes:
Ammo, Mana, Rage

Is found in Games:
Game - Bioshock 2 (Ammo, Hack Darts, Hypo)
Game - Crysis 2 (Ammo, Grenades)
Game - Diablo 2 (Stamina, Arrow/bolt, Potions, Gems/runes, Grenades, Identify Scrolls, Town Portals)
Game - Farmville (consumables (one-use)
Game - King's Bounty; Armored Princess (Unit Abilities, Unit Action Points, potions)
Game - Kingdoms of Amalur; Reckoning (Fate, Gems, Potions, Shadow Prisms, Arrows, Lockpicks, Repair Kit)
Game - League of Legends (Runes, Consumables, Vladimir's Tides of Blood, Shivana's Fury, Akali's essence of shadow, Karma's Mantra, Ahri's Soul eater, Caitlyn's Headshot)
Game - Puzzle Quest 2 (Action Points)
Game - Revenge of the Titans (Turret Quantitiy, Power-Ups)
Game - StarCraft II (Nuke)
Game - Team Fortress 2 (Ammunition, Ubercharge)
Terraria (Potions, Arrows)
Word Feud (Letters)
World of Goo (Time Bugs, Goo)