Multi is a Specification of the Options Property.

Resources that have multiple options (multi for short) can be spent on several things. This means the resource doesnt have a single specific purpose, but is used to fueled to fund a variety of actions or creating a variety of objects.

Note that multiple spending options differ from conversion. These are seperated into another property, as this action does not produce any effect or (non-resource) object other than gaining resources.

Always found in Archetypes:
Currency, Material, Skill Point

Occasionally found in Archetypes:
Rage, Ammo, Health, Mana

Is found in Games:
Game - Bioshock 2 (eve, adam)
Game - Crysis 2 (suit energy, nano-collection)
Game - Deus Ex; Human Revolution (energy, credits, praxis points)
Game - Diablo 2 (energy, gold stat points)
Game - Farmville (farmcoins, farmcash, bushels, building materials)
Game - King's Bounty; Armored Princess (mana, dragon rage, gold, runes, magic crystals)
Game - Kingdoms of Amalur; Reckoning (skill points, ability points, mana, gold, materials/reagents)
Game - League of Legends (mastery points, hero skill point, riot points, influence points, gold, renektons fury, tryndameres rage, vladimirs health, dr. mundo's health, energy, mana)
Game - Majesty (gold)
Game - Plants vs. Zombies (sun, coins)
Game - Puzzle Quest 2 (gem reserves, gold, materials)
Game - Revenge of the Titans (dollars)
Game - Rock of Ages (money)
Game - StarCraft II (minerals, vespene gas, energy research points, credits)
Game - Team Fortress 2 (metal)
Terraria (perpetual resources, coins, resources gained with a pickaze, non-consumable, mana)