Lost is a Specification of the Options Property.

When a resource have the Lost specification, it is spent, but nothing is gained, the resource is lost. The resource is usually taken away from the player by the game in the form of enemies, or by other players. It is a pivotal specification of the Health archetype, as whenever the player takes damage, Health is taken from the player. Other archetypes can have it as well, such as mana, which can be "drained" in Diablo 2.

Resources that are lost are still counted as being spent, but nothing is produced.

Health can both have the lost specification together with Single and Multi options. This means that the resource can both be lost, as well as spend (voluntarily) to gain other effects.

Always found in Archetypes:

Occasionally found in Archetypes:
Mana, Currency, Physical.

Found in Games:
Game - Bioshock 2 (Health)
Game - Crysis 2 (Health)
Game - Diablo 2 (Energy, Health, Stamina, Gold, Durability)
Game - King's Bounty; Armored Princess (Health)
Game - Kingdoms of Amalur; Reckoning (Health, Durability)
Game - League of Legends (Vladimir's Health, Health, Dr. Mundo's Health)
Majesty (Health)
Game - Puzzle Quest 2 (Gem Reserves)
Game - Revenge of the Titans (Health)
Rock of Ages (Health)
Game - StarCraft II (Health)
Game - Team Fortress 2 (Health)
Terraria (Coins, Health)
World of Goo (Goo)