Invest is a Specification of the Consequence Property

When a resource is consumed, the consequence can be Diminish, Invest or Constant.

When a Consequence is Invest, Invest effects start out with little effect, but the effect increases over time, usually by investing in something that generates resources over a longer cause. Buying Philosopher's Stone in League of Legends is expensive, but supplies the player with a small amount of gold every minute for the rest of the game, building market places in Majesty gathers gold for the player for the rest of the game. The player can even invest in several market places, where the price of each market place increase exponentially, but so does the gold gained over time.

Consequence effects involves much strategy. Do you want a big effect right now? a consistent effect over a longer period of time? or something that has barely any effect now, but the effect increases over time. Spending money on units in Starcraft 2, for instance, can perform a constant amount of damage on the enemy unless killed. Using a nuke has a huge effect on impact, but its effect diminish over time. Building a SCV has an Invest effect, as it costs minerals and is not very powerful, but over the course of the game, the SCV will have earned the resources spent on it many-fold.


Always found in Archetypes:

Occasionally found in Archetypes:
Currency, Material, Skill Point

Found in games:
Farmville (Farmcoins, Farmcash, Bushels, Building Materials)
League of Legends (Gold)
Majesty (Gold)
Plants vs. Zombies (Sun)
Revenge of the Titans (Dollars)
Rock of Ages (Money)
Starcraft 2 (Minerals)