'Automatic' is a Specification of the Focus Loci Property.

When a Resource is gained Automatic, no actions are needed by the player.

Automatic is always found in Archetypes:
Action, Mana,

Automatic is occasionally found in Archetypes:
Currency, Skill Point,

Automatic is never found in Archetypes:
Ammo, Rage, Physical, Material, Consumable

Found in Games:
Deus Ex 2 (Energy)
KoA; Reckoning (Arrows)
Diablo 2 (Energy/Stamina/Mana)
Crysis 2 (suit energy)
KB; Armored Princess (Mana/Unit Abilities/Unit Action Points)
League of Legends (Mastery Points/Influence Points/Gold/Akali's Essence of Shadow/Karma's Mantra)
Revenge of the Titans (Turret Quantity)
Word Feud (Letters)