Archetypes are a group of a type of resource with similar patterns. Each archetype consist of a unique combination of Specifications. Not all the Archetype's specifications needs to have a certain Specification in order to define it.

Archetypes are useful for discussing and defining Resources, as it collects an entire group of resources into one easily recognizable word.

These archetypes were found based on 119 different resources across 20 different games. Each archetype has a unique identity. See below for their description, or follow their links for their definition using the model:

- Health: (19 resources) – Health is centered on the ‘Vital’ specification. All resources that make the player or units under the player’s control die once exhausted are categorized into Health.
- Currency: (18 resources) – Currency contains all resources that exist in recognizable buy/sell patterns, where things are being bought or sold for money.
- Ammo: (15 resources) – Ammo is centered on the ‘Negative’ specification, as it is something that always inflicts a negative effect on opposing entity, such as ammunition.
- Mana: (13 resources) – Mana is centered around the ‘Regenerates’ specification, and is typically being used to fuel actions or ‘spells’ in Role-Playing games.
- Potion: (13 resources) – Potions include items that induce an immediate positive effect on the player and is then consumed.
- Skill Point: (12 resources) – Skill Points involves points earned from progression that augment the player’s avatar’s abilities.
- Rage: (9 resources): Rage is gained from performing certain actions against entities in the game world, to fuel more powerful combat moves.
- Material: (7 resources): Materials are used to build objects in the game world or items in the players inventory.
- Action: (4 resources): Actions are a limited resource that can be spent on a fixed number of actions each turn or level.
- Physical: (3 resources): Physical includes resources that are not stored but exists in the game world, and is spent to make new objects in the game world.
- Rune: (3 resources): Runes are items that provide a long-term bonus augment the player’s avatar’s abilities. Similar to Skill Points, but are items that can be traded,

The archetypes are: